The brand puca

Posted 8:54 am

Started on July 2013 in the UAE, Puca Shoes exclusively deals in the design and manufacture of affordable and quality footwear that integrate well with the changing trends and lifestyle of the people. Puca shoes offers performance oriented sports shoes that are intuitive not only in their design strategy, but also offer the most comfort and greater durability in the high-end tasks and events alike. Their products blend in well for all types of training, hiking, and running and fitness purposes and are the symbol of perfect craftsmanship in this criticism oriented world.
Puca Shoes believes in continuous innovation and integration of its creative offerings to the world through the best of minds engaged in full scale implementation of their design strategy. A look that feels familiar, a touch that feels embracing, a challenge that feels overpowering, Puca shoes and sneakers are the derivative of the most innovative ideas that put the major brands together in the market!
What is more definitive about Puca Shoes is that, apart from its exclusive inclination towards sports and fitness wear, it also embraces the style statement of the everyday lifestyle. Be it the regular flip-flops, the slip-ons, the elegant sandals, the classy office-wear or the way more funky sneakers, Puca Shoes defines them all. Blending in well with all occasions, their products are the perfect example of a diversity whose standards are glorified unto utmost perfection! You name it, Puca has it!
The quintessential of Puca Shoes relies completely on its innate quality. For quality is the ultimate standards that triumphs all! Puca Shoes are designed to maximize comfort through the use of innovative technology like extreme shock absorption, bounce-foam insoles and breathable upper fabrics and knits- completely in sync with the trending styles of the present generation.
Puca Shoes believes in reinventing the future with its highly passionate workforce that creatively indulges in the best of strategies to revolutionize the way we look at sports and our regular lifestyle. It is interesting to note, that at Puca, most of the decisions are completely driven by passion, prioritizing the product with a zest for granting the customer something to cheer about! For, fashion is all about how engaging your product is with the masses, isn’t it? Hence, the rising popularity of the Puca Shoes and its increasing fan base!
Puca Shoes owes its tremendous success to its highly imperative intuition and knowledge that it possesses through a careful analysis of the present market scenario. It derives a feeling of content when it delivers the best of the products and services to its customer base all around the world. Peaking quality standards, a highly diversified product availability, thriving domestic and international market channels and a targeted marketing strategy makes Puca Shoes one of the best and top quality brands trending in the given market scenario. A completely customer oriented organization; Puca Shoes is definitely the torch bearer for the upcoming generations and business standards, thus redefining the future in a completely new and better way.


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