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5 Easy Ways To Remove Odour from Shoes

Nothing can be as annoying and as embarrassing as stinking shoes. The sense of 

smell works faster than sight and people can be faster than a shooting star to find the source of the odour that could make even a dying soul hold his nose. 

Sweat accumulation, rough usage and dirt collected in the sneakers gives life to certain bacterias that cause the bad odour. De-deodorizing sprays or looking for new shoes is not the option here as it would just be a chain reaction of going back to the same stinky shoes. Here are five easy ways to cut off the odour from its roots by killing the bacteria. Check it out!

  1. Orange/Lemon peel

   Well, this is quite a sustainable practice of using the peel of citrus fruits that are otherwise discarded. Fresh peels of these fruits have essential oils in them that can help us here. Place cut peels of the peels inside your shoe overnight and let the magic work.

The shoe will be devoid of any bad odour and it also stars smelling good.

  1. Refrigeration 

If your freezer isn’t filled with food then you better give that spot for your smelly shoes. Place the offending sneakers covered in a ziplock bag or normal plastic cover inside the freezer. The extreme temperature is said to kill the odour-causing bacteria. And yes, we got to freeze it overnight.

  1. Baking soda

Prepare a sachet of baking soda, few drops of essential oil mix in a coffee filter 

and leave it inside your shoes. This very well absorbs the moisture and kills the smell. You can also add drops of essential oil to the baking powder and directly sprinkle them under the shoes for instant gratification.

  1. Coffee Powder

Being ridiculed for stinking shoes is not the kind of attention we are seeking for.

Fill a sock with some coffee beans or coffee powder. No, don’t wear that sock to work with coffee in it. Just tie it up and leave it inside your shoes overnight. And this trick will remove your odour from your sneakers. Tried and tested, you have my approval to go ahead with this one even if you own a pair of strong smelly shoes!

  1. Salt

This easily available ingredient is a life saviour in all ways. Add a pinch of salt to your shoes that’s choking you out of breath. The chloride absorbs the moisture in your sneakers, especially those canvas sneakers. Repeat this every now and then to keep your shoe clean and not smelly.

Besides the mentioned five the evergreen tricks of basing your shoes in the sunlight, placing a soap bar inside them, spraying rubbing alcohol too can work wonders. Stinking shoes are no fun! But with a little bit of care, you can run your sneakers for a long time. Everything needs attention to solve the issue, and if striking sneakers were your issue we hope these five tricks helped you. Let style be the only statement maker in your shoes and not the smell!

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