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Fitness in everyday life.

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With innumerable deadlines to meet, work & family pressure taking a toll on us and adding fuel to this fire, the pandemic and the change in lifestyle that it brought along, has drawn a permanent frown on few of our faces. On the other side, we see people still enjoying the wind on their face, bright morning sunshine or the peacefulness in just a cup of warm coffee. You count yourself in on the latter if running shoes are the one on your feet at the golden hours. From mythology to psychology, the importance of fitness has been told in calculating one’s mental well being. They say if you are rich you are happy, we say if you are healthy you are rich! No one can force you into fitness, it’s more like a challenge you take up for yourself. Fitness is synonymous with consistency in everyday wellness, it need not be you doing 100 squats or planks but dedicating at least thirty minutes of your day for your muscles and tendons to catch up with your goals. Well, if this isn’t convincing you enough to get into a fitness regime; here is what you got to do – BUY NEW SHOES! Yes, you read it right. New shoes are as important as a new haircut – it’s supposed to be life- changing! Remember the times how you treat your ‘just-arrived-fresh’ shoes? They are perfectly kept on the rack, dusted every second and it’s definitely something you boast about with your pals and hide from your sibling, especially if he shares your shoe size). Anything attained new, puts a thought in mind that we should do something good with it, something prudent and fruitful! That’s an essence of newness researchers are still digging on. Now, let me answer that question which popped up in your mind – “ So, what happens when the new shoe gets old?” New shoes give us an impetus to break away from the inertia that’s driving you in the wrong direction of idleness. By the time shoes get old ( come on, we are talking about Puca shoes – it’s timeless!) you have already found your comfort mate in them. New shoes can thus build your motive on fitness and get yourselves on the move. And once that gets in your blood, there is no going back. Treat yourself with running/training shoes that can get you on the track. Pick the one you have an inner calling for! Yes, shoes can create an in-depth bond with you! And ride in the joy with comfort, confidence and style. Fitter the shoe to your feet, Fitter the body to your soul!

So why wait when you can get your new Puca shoes and start a new journey!

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