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7 Best PUCA Sneakers for Daily Outdoor Activities in 2021 !

Athleisure has been an unavoidable part of our lifestyle and fashion. It has largely influenced the market of sneakers as well. Now the border between shoes and sneakers is blurred in terms of style and features, and new styles and trends are hitting the shelves in 2021 as we move forward despite the covid situation for over one year. PUCA has introduced a set of incredible products which elevates 2021 sneaker trends. 

PUCA is quite popular for its shoes for men with a blend of premium quality and super cool design. And, without further ado, let’s dive into some of our latest shoes/sneakers for men. 


The fresh aggressive cool looking colourways is what all notice at the first glance of Mustang. Comes in the combination of two colors with pure white midsole, Mustang is a feast for your eyes. Besides, the brilliant features make it a favourite one for sneaker lovers. An uninterrupted heat transfer along with mesh fabric upper provides an unparalleled comfort for all day long use. an 8mm offset in the midsole is a source of comfort cushioning and makes it suitable for casual use and sporty activities. 


Element is a perfect option if you are looking for running shoes from PUCA. The specifications are exclusively created for rigorous training sessions and the design is created for everyday casual use, meaning the comfort will never be lesser for casual use. The mesh upper stands for higher breathability, quality and durability. It has a flexible outsole which helps you have more traction and grip on various surfaces. Available in white and olive, the white shoes give a classy look and it is capable of setting the trend. 


Geeza brings the ultimate comfort on your feet with its smooth microfiber material. Its single coloured classy style is super cool and combines street sport and casual aesthetic. With a raised heel and tongue, this high cut sneaker is a synonym for safety and comfort. Made with high breathability, it can be put on your feet for hours. These classy shoes are available in 3 unique colours: choco, camel, and navy that elevates your complete outfit to the next level.


Geezo lovers will fall for Kyro too, since it is the low cut version of the classic high cut Geeza icon. If you are looking for comfortable and classy casual shoes, Kyro is your perfect partner. The cushioning and ultimate breathability go hand in hand with the super cool design. Kyro full black shoes makes the model a better choice, and it is also available in camel and choco colour. 


Eclair comes with a super sleek design which is ideal for both everyday wear and sport. The upper made of a breathable mesh fabric, this sneaker can be used anytime pretty comfortably. Its minimalistic yet attractive design and coolness make it a shoe for almost any occasion. Available in black grey and white upper, and the white outer sole makes Eclair one of the best choices among PUCA shoes for men. 


High cut sneakers that steal everyone’s eyes with its spectacular design. It is a must have for its flexibility and comfort. The sole is crafted using Phylon which makes the shoes durable and long-time wearable. These PUCA shoes are available in half a dozen colours and all look incredibly stunning. 


Tweck from PUCA is sneakers without laces, and its minimalist design is the real beauty of it. With a comfortable upper mesh and cushioning midsole, the flexible use of Tweck is imaginable. It is available in full black as well as Navy and Grey sole. 

These are just a few from the long list of PUCA shoes for outdoor activities. PUCA is assured of premium quality shoes and classy style. Always. 

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